We Help Medical Practices, Like Yours, Get New Patients

Through Digital Marketing Services

What We Do For You

We help health care clinics, like yours, generate new patients through digital marketing strategies. Because of the immediate need for your services, a well-rounded search engine strategy is critical to the success of your clinic. We have a proven formula to get your clinic ranked on Google and bring in new patients on a predictable basis.


There are thousands of searches everyday for Urgent Cares. We help people find you and not your competition

Paid Ads

SEO takes time! Start getting new patients quicker by showing up on page 1 with paid advertising.

Social Media

Increase your presence and drive leads with a proper social media strategy

Web Design

Mobile first websites built to convert and easily link to your existing patient portal.

Case Study

Your Kid's Urgent Care

The Challenge

The Challenge

Increase rankings and visibility for a local urgent care that specializes in children. Local competitors have been in the area for a while and the public was being educated on a children focused urgent care.

The Strategy We Implemented

  • Build website that is fun and themed for a children based urgent care

  • Increase rankings for all urgent care locations with concentration on symptoms and "urgent care near me"

  • Implement Google Ads campaign to supplement leads until rankings hit page 1

The Results

  • 38% increase in patient load
  • 45% increase in call volume
  • 115% increase in website traffic

The Services That Grow Your Practice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

for Urgent Cares

Competition Research

The first step in creating a competitive edge is to identify your competition and know their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the competition is crucial, which is why this requires ongoing analysis. Not only can you learn best practices from competitors, but you can also learn to avoid the mistakes they make. We use some really cool internal tools that allow us to look at what your competitors are ranking for, how many times they are showing up in search, and how much money they are spending on Google Ads.

Keyword Research

Our SEO team at Nick the Marketer will conduct full keyword research based on your needs as a business. The keywords will be broken down into three main types:

Focus Keywords: The core keyword chosen for each page.

Primary Keywords: the set of keywords that will appear in most of the descriptions and within the content.

Long-tail Keywords: these are the keywords that will only appear within the content of the website.

After the Research is Done, We Implement Our Services!

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Map and Mobile
  • Content Development (Blogs)

Paid Ads with Google Ads

for Urgent Cares

Google Ads show your ad in search results when people actively search for your products or services. We can even target your competitors! Your potential customers turn to Google for research or to find companies that have the products and services they are looking to purchase. Advertising on Google positions your company right where they are searching, increasing the likelihood that they will choose you over the competition. And, unlike SEO, we have the ability to showcase special offers.

Google’s Seach ads are text-based and require thoughtful messaging and intentional verbiage. Unlike other platforms, Google only charges you when your ad is clicked. We work very hard to make sure the Quality Score of your ad creates the optimal cost per click, giving you the best return on investment

Social Media Marketing

Our approach to Social Media Advertising is simple but incredibly effective.

Offer + Urgency x Audience = Qualified Leads

We believe that our formula, applied to the right business, has the potential to yield insane results.

We have been running successful advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn since 2018.

Our Approach

  • Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Objective
  • Ad Development
  • Campaign Launch
  • Review and Improve

Website Design and Development

  • High Converting Responsive Designs
  • Secure Web Hosting with 99.999% Uptime
  • Full Support and Maintenance - no nickel and diming for changes
  • Built on WordPress

"In today's world, every clinic needs a good digital strategy. They were able to implement and execute a digital plan that increased our patient load to the point we had to hire another physician."

-Your Kid's Urgent Care

We Make Things Easy and Honest


No Contracts

Look, we believe in doing the right thing. We ask for 12-month agreements, but no hard contracts. Any client can leave with a 30-day notice. Promise!


Nothing Outsourced

Everyone that works on your account is from USA and not outsourced overseas. We are all trained with the latest techniques, we get the "nerd" comment often.


Honest Billing

No smoke and mirrors here. You pay for our services and pay for the ad spend separately. No guesswork on where your money goes.

Urgent Care Marketing Pros is a division of Nick the Marketer. We are located in Birmingham, AL

but serve clients across the United States. Started in 2018, we have quickly become one of the

top-performing digital marketing agencies in the business and continue to grow.